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Hello, I’m Sophie and I’m the RTR leader ‘down under’ in glorious Melbourne – Parkdale to be precise.

My journey with running started in my teens; I used to take myself off onto the local trails with a VERY bulky cd Walkman (jeez, how did I even get through the front door with that thing, let alone run with it lol) and enjoy the freedom from all my worries and fears – it was a time that I could just ‘be’ and allow the running to work its magic on my body and soul. I haven’t always been a consistent runner but it’s something I consistently come back to, because it works for me.

My recent return to running coincided with becoming a mum and emigrating to Australia from the UK. I struggled massively with postnatal anxiety and the adjustment to motherhood and I had to find my feet fast (excuse the pun!). So I began walking, and then walking with a bit of running, and then more running than walking and then my dear husband (read: cheeky f***er) entered me into the Melbourne half marathon. I joined an incredibly supportive running group to help with my training goals and it was here that I first discovered the power of community. The combination of running and chatting to other gorgeous souls has been a real game changer for me in terms of my wellbeing and it was around this time that Jess’s call out for RTR leaders popped up in my Instagram feed. Of course it was a no brainer and I’m all into ‘signs from the universe’ so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and here I am.

Join me for a run…

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