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My name is Kjersti (Chair-stee) Nelson. I started running as a teenager, and always took for granted the mental, physical, and social benefits  A decade later I was working on my graduate studies to become a Marriage and Family Therapist when I came across an article about a therapist that does psychotherapy with clients while running. I thought, I want that job!

Years later, after my second child was born, I was experiencing postpartum depression. My brain felt like it was in a constant fog, and my emotions were running high ALL. THE. TIME.  On the weekends I’d go out running. I noticed that I felt better. My brain would clear (I could actually THINK coherently), and I just felt good. I realized I needed to run on more than just the weekends if I wanted to get out of that foggy head space. So I joined my local YMCA, put the kids in their daycare and ran on the treadmill most days of the week. I felt amazing, and like I had returned to myself—-in body and mind.

During that time the idea of combining running and mental health returned to me. I started researching the logistics and the science. It turns out there is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and it all points to YES! running and other similar forms of exercise are proven treatments for mood imbalances.

So I went through the process of getting certified as a Long Distance Running Coach and (re)opened my private practice specializing in providing mental health treatment in combination with running. That’s when I came across Jessica Mary Robson and the Run Talk Run movement! I discovered she is doing more GLOBALLY for this type of work than just about anyone else out there. I knew I HAD to be a part of Run Talk Run. So here I am, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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