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My name is Jennie and I think I first realised the strong link between physical and mental wellbeing back in 2013 whilst I was recovering from a thyroidectomy. Exercising every day (however small) helped me through a very difficult time when even the thought of getting dressed was a massive challenge.

 I trained as a Personal Trainer and continued with my business and individual coaching and realised how inextricably linked the two are.  For me health and fitness are integral to both mental and physical wellbeing and believe individuals perform better when both are in balance. 

 In 2016 I was diagnosed with a further auto-immune condition and also suffered the sudden and devastating loss of my dad who sadly took his own life. My world as I knew it literally changed overnight and there were times I wasn’t sure if I would make it out of this dark and very confusing place. 

What I found is that you find support in the strangest of places, people you don’t know can offer comfort and most importantly hope. I found this through the running community – I remember my first run clearly, running with a bunch of strangers, who were so encouraging and friendly, focusing on breathing and pace (I like to run but I am not a runner). It allowed me to quiet my mind for 30 minutes which at that time was an amazing feat as even at rest I was wracked with nightmares and panic attacks. I also found a lot of support via Instagram and that is where I came across RuntalkRun. I got in touch with Jess and her spirit and passion is so inspiring I just knew I wanted to get involved. I had been looking for something positive to do and this was just perfect. A safe space for people to come together, talk and exercise at their own pace and it was free. I knew I wanted to set up a group in Peterborough.

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