Run Talk Run Leader – Amy-Louise Murray

Amy-Louise Murray

Hi everyone! My name is Amy-Louise and I’ve been running for just over 2 years.

I joined a local 0-5k running group back in my hometown completely on a whim as running was one of those things that I’d always wanted to do. Growing up, I wasn’t a sporty kid by any means, I regularly bunked PE due to low confidence levels and regular bullying, and the thought of running, (most particularly running infront of people) sent shivers down my spine. To have completed the 8 week 0-5k course was a huge achievement for me. It’s fair to say that I was bitten by the running bug and I progressed from 5ks to 10ks, and completed my first half marathon in March this year.

What I loved about my running group was the sense of community we had formulated. No matter what had happened in our week, we could meet at the same time and same place once a week and communally do something positive, for ourselves and for each other. And it’s inspired me to want to bring that sense of support, community and friendship to Crystal Palace, where I’ve now lived for almost a year and a half.

Like many of the other Run Talk Run leaders, I too live with my own mental health difficulties, most notably Borderline Personality Disorder and anxiety. I can’t describe what it is that running does to lift my mood on the dark days, but it’s certainly changed my life in more ways than one.

Seeing Jess completely kick ass with her recent Run Talk Run adventures made me realise how ready I was to start my own community. It feels like the right time for me and I am so excited to get stuck in! Hope to see you around Crystal Palace very soon.

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