Meet Our Run Leaders

Run Talk Run Leaders are mental health visionaries. They are the driving force of all that is GOOD, and the reason the wheels can keep turning in this mental health running community.

Each run leader knows their hometown and running route like the back of their hand, and have all been selected on their ability to demonstrate that they truly “give a sh*t” when it comes to mental health. All of the Run Talk Run leaders want to provide a non-judgemental pair of ears week on week for you running folk, and will consistently provide you with the safe space to talk and meet other empathetic runners.

Pretty badass people, really.

You can get to know each of us by clicking on our profiles below.

Jessica Robson – Run Talk Run Southwark & Waterloo

Jennie Oliver – Run Talk Run Peterborough

Rebecca Toal – Run Talk Run Baker Street

Michael Harrop – Run Talk Run Canary Wharf

Kjersti Nelson – Run Talk Run California

Sophie Johnson – Run Talk Run Melbourne

Amy-Louise Murray – Run Talk Run Crystal Palace

Abbie Graham – Run Talk Run Fenchurch Street

Mona Sorensen – Run Talk Run Hove

El Langley – Run Talk Run Brighton

Emma – Run Talk Run Manchester

Chris – Run Talk Run Old Street

Maisie Cropley – Run Talk Run Nottingham

Ollie Fitzgibbon – Run Talk Run Richmond

Josh Pewter – Run Talk Run Tooting

Gemma Richmond – Run Talk Run Folkestone