I always start these posts by explaining my personal standpoint in terms of the race. And this blog shall be no different. 

This run came at possibly the best and worst time for me.  The worst time because I was feeling rather sad and tired.  The best time because I was feeling rather sad and tired… and it made me feel better!

This run formed a part of my training for Budapest Half Marathon, and it has given me a pretty good benchmark to go from.

It isn’t the first time I’ve run this course. I also came and ran it last summer with my good friend Lucy (school friend!) and that was a much more sunny affair than last week.


Last night it was muggy and greeeyy, and the rain arrived when I was on my final mile. This wasn’t necessarily such a bad thing at this point, the cool down was actually very much appreciated!

The Course

The RT (RunThrough) organisers put on a choice of either 5k or 10k at their Hyde Park race. As far as I am aware, you can wait until the day itself to decide whether you’re going to run 5 or 10. 

As always, RT ran the event seamlessly. What RT have created is a whole COMMUNITY of runners who just seem to know where they need to be and what they need to be doing. It shows. It feels calm. 

However, even with that being said, if you are new to a RT event, it is so so so clear where everything is, and there is always someone with a speaker who makes it clear on timings, and whne you should be heading to drop your bag, head to the start line etc. There is no second guessing or wondering where you need to be!

The course is split into 1.5 mile laps. Therefore 2 laps for the 5k race, and 4 laps for the 10k – pretty simple, pretty easy to follow. I don’t think it was possible for anyone to get confused about which direction they were heading. However, if you are doing the 10k, it be be a gruelling psychological challenge to just continue on and do another 2 laps when you know you could actually just stop and be finished with the run sooner!

Hyde Park is a mostly flat course. There is a very short incline near the start of each loop (and therefore comes up 4 times), but you do get to enjoy the decline about three quarters into each lap too. I definitely think you could PB here… in terms of congestion, I haven’t really had any issues getting around people.

The race is all on park pathways – easy underfoot – but not for the trail runners amongst us.

In terms of scenery, Hyde Park is actually a very pretty park, and you’ll often get the tourists of London giving you a cheer every so often too (who doesn’t love that).


The Organisers/Support

The race is organised by Run Through, and I could not sing their praises loud enough. Their races are well organised, they are held weekly (if not more than once weekly!) so everything runs seamlessly!

The loos are just the park loos – the queue wasn’t too horrendous and they were much nicer to use than portaloos!

Bag drop was really well structured around the pavilion and bag collection was just as smooth. I wasn’t expecting much post-run being that it wasn’t a half mara, but they still provided…

  • Banana
  • Water (obvs)
  • Flapjack




Hyde Park Bandstand W2 2UH

When will they take place again?

Run Through host LOADS of 10k distances on their website, but if you’re set on the next Hyde Park race, it’s coming back on July 24th 2019. You can book here.

Would I run it again?

I definitely wouldn’t say no to a Hyde Park 10K in the future! I might even sign up for the next one…


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