Deciding what I will and won’t do, and learning how to say “no”.

Deciding what matters to ME, as opposed to what matters to

  • the people around me
  • society

has made my life so much more fucking simple.

It happened gradually, really. I didn’t make this an active “decision making process” until fairly recently… though subconsciously, I’ve been doing it for a while.

People often ask me “how do you fit it all in”, and my answer is this.

If someone presents me with a demand for my time that does not fit in with my top 3 priorities… then I am simply not interested.

Deciding what my top 3 priorities were, has been a gradual process – and chances are, it will change over time.

At the moment, they are:

  • Fitness
  • Family
  • Run Talk Run

Therefore, if I am invited to an event that does not benefit any of the above three, then I’ll say no… and I won’t feel bad about it either. The reason I’m not feeling any guilt is because FINALLY (it took 25 years of getting it wrong) I am actually living in accordance with what I want to be doing. And that’s worth saying no for.

It does mean that I have to let people down a lot. But I hope that people respect what my priorities are, and in turn, I will respect what their priorities are, too.

There are several other things that could be included in that top 3, but they’re not, because there isn’t the room for it. Things like friends, new experiences, financial opportunities, learning… those could all be up there for someone else. Just not me.

AND that’s not to say I’ll never make time for my friends too. But I won’t go out of my way for a boozy event, which will set my fitness (and Run Talk Run goals perhaps) back by a day or two.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this!

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