Two-Week-Trepidation. Amsterdam is looming.

Amsterdam marathon training was going SO well. The first 2 months were fantastic, I was hitting every run (bar a couple) and managed to keep track of my progress religiously on this blog.

The mojo lull happened, as of course it would… but I kept up the long run training and managed to hit all the mileage I wanted at weekends. This was the first time I had actually kept to a plan and hit every run set out for me and getting my target time goal was looking more possible.

I’d stopped tracking my runs with a lengthy description for the blog (how the hell I thought that was going to be manageable I do not know) but they were happening.

Then the 19 miler happened and I somehow fucked my Achilles. This took me out of running for about 3 weeks in total. It knocked my self-belief in a BIG way, and even though I’ve been back on my feet and doing some gentle 5kms this past week I really feel so much less fit than ever before and I’m not sure I entirely trust how my achilles and calfs are going to hold out.

I have no idea how to play the next 2 weeks. Some people are telling me to get one long run in of about 16-20, some are telling me a couple of medium runs of about 10 miles, and some are telling me to sack off the running until race day. The truth is, no one really knows what will do me and my Achilles the best chance of holding out on marathon day.

Here is my plan for what I intend to do, and I will probably tweak this based on how my calf is feeling.

Monday 8th – strength training – no run – massage with Fit2Function

Tuesday 9th – strength training –  RTR followed by 7 miles

Wednesday 10th – strength training –  no run – climbing

Thursday 11th – strength training –  RTR

Friday 12th – strength training – no run

Saturday 13th – strength training –  no run

Sunday 14th –  12-14 miles (pending)

Monday 15thno run

Tuesday 16th3 miles

Wednesday 17thno run

Thursday 18th – strength training – RTR

Friday 19th – strength training –  no run – massage with Fit2Function

Saturday 20thmaybe a 1-2 mile jog

Sunday 21st26.2 mile jog.

I don’t even care that this is probable entirely uninteresting to anyone reading. I was trying to visualise the next 2 weeks for myself and thought that my typing efforts were worth scheduling to post. Aren’t you lucky.

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