The Speed Project – 2019

Picture the scene. 9.35am on a Friday morning in July. Settling into the day with my porridge and coffee.

A WhatsApp from Bethan.


Now, I’ll be honest, 2018 hasn’t really fallen short on interesting opportunities.

I didn’t need to say yes to this.

I sat on it. I watched the video she sent. I pondered on everything I had said yes to this year which had turned out amazingly.

Within hours, I was agreeing. Yes.

YES, I will join your team to run The Speed Project 2019.

So here we are, preparing for TSP5.  This is mad, and foolish, and WAY beyond my current running capabilities.

What we have signed up to is a 340 mile ultra-relay, starting in Los Angeles and ending in Las Vegas.  This is an unsanctioned ultra-relay. An ultra-relay taking us through Death Valley. An ultra-relay with zero race support. Zero checkpoints. An ultra-relay that will take us through traffic, gravel, dirt, sand, desert.


There are no rules, no set path, just the goal… TO GET THERE. Many teams will be competing to get there the fastest. We’ll be competing to get to the other end alive, and in good enough condition to have a big boozy celebration.

We set off for these grand endeavours on Friday 29th March 2019 at 4am, and will *hopefully* make it into Las Vegas on Sunday… in time for the TSP Pool Party.


A race like this will take very specific, very structured training. Multiple runs within a day. Making sure our legs are equipped to run 50-odd miles within a 48 hour period at various intervals. A hell of a lot of hot yoga… I’m not even kidding! The race will also require us to be very disciplined with a fuelling and hydration strategy. Temperatures in the desert are going  to range between 0-40 degrees. Nice


There is already a beautiful sense of camaraderie amongst the team, and I feel blessed to be sharing this with

Bethan @aprettyplacetoplay

Ria @riri_shrestha

Allie @atloverly

Corey @coreylearn

Megan @megsybegsy

Mara @mara.thefitlondoner

Rosh @roshradia

Who knows… we’ll either be life-long buddies after this or will never want to speak to each other again!

As soon as Amsterdam and New York marathons are done with, my training focus will be entirely focused around this crazy crazy challenge so you can expect a lot more TSP preparation posts from me!

All photos featured above found on @thespeedproject insta.

4 thoughts on “The Speed Project – 2019

  1. Hyping myself up and just read this, it’s so awesome rereading our conversation way back when and seeing how far we’ve come. I can’t wait to see you in LA very soon!!


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