My Running Journal: Week 17 & 18

Another busy busy BUSY two weeks where running and life have been concerned. Brilliant though – every little bit of brilliant I can think of.

Monday 16/07/18

Its my birthday and I’ll strength train instead if I want to.

Tuesday 17/07/18

This morning I took part in the ‘I Move London’ relay, which is an attempt to break the World Record of the longest every continuous relay run throughout the WHOLE of July – day and night. The relay is split into 10km stages, and my stage was booked for this morning. When I booked it was just me, but I had a last minute stranger sign up to my stage! Her name was Claire, and she’d completed an ultra at the weekend so we decided to ‘take it easy’. We ended up completing the 10km across London’s river Thames in 58 minutes. It was the most uplifting 10km I’ve had in a very long time and I felt like I learned a lot from this lady.

Run Talk Run felt like a much faster pace tonight! I don’t know how much faster, since I don’t track these lil 5km runs but it felt good on the lungs and harder to chat on the way round.

Stood with the wonderful Claire post-run
Handing over the baton!


Thursday 18/07/18

Last night on Thurs 18th I was meant to host Run Talk Run as I usually do, but at about 3pm I made the decision to call it off. Leg injury? No. Tiredness? No. Busy with work? No. … The reason I cancelled was because my anxiety was unbearable. My heartrate and shaky hands had given me a HELL of a day. I was feeling so low by 3pm that the mere prospect of positioning myself as a run leader only exacerbated what I was feeling. This is the first RTR cancellation as a result of poor mental health, and I’m glad I chose to cancel in this instance.

I’ve written a post that describes the decision making process that went on this Thursday, in my post Treat Your Head Like Your Legs.

Saturday 21/07/18

Quite possibly the most emotional 2.7 miles I’ll ever run. I did a full recap of how Run Talk Runs birthday went right here.

The team!

Tuesday 24/07/18

Our Tuesday evening Run Talk Runs are just so special to me. Much more quiet and “chill” than the Thursday runs (which in themselves are already ridiculously chill haha) it was SO GOOD to catch up with Amy whilst plodding around which we haven’t really had a proper chance to do in ages. We were also joined by Imogen and Michelle who was new to RTR. A lovely lovely lovely evening amble.

My Tuesday Team!

Wednesday 25/07/18

Needless to say, I was sweating before I even arrived at Chase The Sun this evening in 33 degree heat! As I write this on my train back home I am not sure whether I fell in the Thames on my way back because I am quite simply drenched. The pre-race vibes were the BEST this eve as I got to catch up with a beaut old school friend of mine, Lucy, who has also got into running since we left school.

A few more hugs and waves to friendly faces in the running community and before we knew it we were setting off. I committed myself (by saying out loud) that I was going to really “go for it” on this run despite the heat. My legs were feeling good, and ready, before we set off and to be fair to myself I did set off at a very good pace and although I did slow down, I don’t feel like I slowed down in terms of my energy output, if that makes sense. I really did leave it out there at Hyde Park tonight and though I came away with a very very average time of 54:51 I’m actually really chuffed at the level of effort I put in tonight.

Chase The Sun… or be chased by the sun

Saturday 28/07/18 and Sunday 29/07/18

This weekend was meant to see me running Lee Valley Half. Then we had flat stuff to do so I succumbed to the idea of running 13 miles alone instead. AND THEN my body decided to reward my healthy lifestyle with a fucking bladder infection… so yeah, I  have done zero running or gymming this weekend AT ALL. Have reasoned with myself that this is what my body needs, though I can’t wait to just crack on with my longer distance that I feel I need asap.


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