I messed up, and I’m sorry

This morning I did something that now in hindsight I am a bit embarrassed about.

I let my emotions get the better of me.

I saw an image that brought up a lot of old thoughts, a lot of old bulimic thoughts, to be specific. Although I acknowledged them, dismissed them as being “untrue” and was able to separate myself from the nagging voice… it actually developed into something I don’t experience very often; anger.

That anger then led me to spread hate all over social media. I posted to facebook. I posted to Instagram.

Perhaps this might have been alright if indeed I was shouting about my distate for something that was true.

But it wasn’t true. It was “fake news”.

I was angry, and spreading hate, over fake news.

Do you know how embarrassing that is?

Obviously I did not know this at the time of posting but I realise I should have adopted a grander sense of responsibility and thoughtfulness before posting my angry thoughts. These angry thoughts were picked up by people who follow me and who (some) have been through similar experiences.

It caused anger and upset… all about something that was fake.

Again, I reiterate – I let my emotions get the better of me.

This is my apology, because today I slipped up. I took my position as someone who talks a lot about mental health and was careless in the moment of my own emotions.

So, to you, I am sorry. I am sorry if I stirred any anger or upset in you this morning with what really was just another article of fake bullshit.

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