My Running Journal: Week 11 & 12

The past 2 weeks have been pretty flipping busy for me socially, so I’m actually really pleased with what I’ve managed to squeeze into the schedule and stick to the Amsterdam Marathon training plan as much as possible. For anyone who doesn’t really know what I’m up to, it’s not a LOT of running – mainly 1 x fast run a week (either tempo or fartlek), 2 x “easy” runs (normally a Monday and a Run Talk Run), and 1 x long-ish run.

Tuesday 05/06/18
I skipped it! I was due 5km with Run The World but my calf was still feeling incredibly tight from Sunday’s half so I swerved it. Feel pretty good about that decision actually – normally I’d have pushed through the pain.

Wednesday 06/06/18

Today is Global Running Day (which to be honest, I didn’t know existed until today!). The training plan this eve indicated a 10k tempo, but since I was signed up to RunThrough Hyde Park 10k, I decided it ought to just be a 10k ‘push yourself’. So, what happened. I tried to push myself. And indeed I did push myself. But sadly, all the ‘pushing’ and will in the world just didn’t translate to the pace in my legs (legs which, by the way, had squatted and extended their way through a leg session in the gym this morning).  I came away with a 54:43 time which ain’t great, but not too awful either. Oh, and I didn’t stop to walk once – even for water – which is a bonus!


Thursday 07/06/18

YAY! Run Talk Run night! We had 14 beautiful mental health warriors turn up to tonight’s run and the amount of deep, meaningful conversations I had really hit home why it’s so important to me to make this thing WORK. So many people using it as an outlet for whatever is going on for them. I literally cannot wait for next week’s Run Talk Run already.


Tuesday 12/06/18

I was meant to run 10km last night but I saved it for this morning instead! I ran 2 miles to get to the ladies at Run The World @ The Detox Kitchen then ran 3 further miles with them. I was planning to run the 2 miles back to the gym too, but I started to feel a niggle in my right inner calf that was causing me grief so decided to play it safe and tube back! The pace throughout all of this was untracked, and easy. I’m finding that I’m tracking FAR less than ever before now and it’s making life so much more enjoyable lol. Obviously I need to track my intervals and long runs to ensure pacing is on point but for the pleasure runs I can’t honestly be bothered!


Thursday 14/06/18

Run Talk Run tonight was another special one! We did the same 5km route as usual and had a blast! I was super proud of the whole team… for the beginner runners who had beaming proud grins at the end… to the people who told me, categorically, that they really REALLY hadn’t wanted to come along (due to feeling all the feels) but still did what was right for them. Run Talk Run is such a safe space for the whoooleee freakin’ spectrum of runners and I love them. I was also super pleased to feel that my calf seemed to have sorted itself out after my sports massage Tuesday.

Sunday 17/06/18

This morning saw the VERY first Run Talk Run trip on the trails!

I was truly gutted when I woke up to rain and a barrage of negative thoughts started to flood in pretty solidly. Thoughts of turning up alone, of Epping Forest being miserable, of the runners getting cold, of everyone thinking what a terrible idea it would have been… etc etc etc!

BUT, what I love about Run Talk Run for me, on a personal level, is that it is the most “accountable” thing I have ever been “accountable” for (except perhaps turning up to my day job) ever in my life. So I did what I had to do. Put my big girl knickers on and my boyfriends running top (for comfort, obvs) and headed out to meet my crew.

As per, all my lil anxieties were squashed as soon as I was on route and having a laugh with Kat on the train. It made me realise that even outside of RTR settings I really really ought to seek out my mates more for a giggle when the anxiety hits.

But ANYWAY, the run itself!

Derrick took us on a brilliant 10km route through Epping Forest… well of the beaten track in certain instances, and beautiful ALL the way round! We had one (minor) fall over a log, one stretch of tiptoeing over frogs, a few “different” conversations … lol… and just a lot of smiles and deep chats.

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