RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half Marathon Review

The RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half has a pretty special space in my mental “running memory” cabinet. It was my first ever half (well, that I actually showed up to) and I have been returning for more of the good stuff ever since.

I’ll run through briefly my personal experiences of the race, then get onto the real nitty gritty – the course, organisers, price, bla bla bla.

MARCH 2015 – Oh my more youthful days of running where I had zero wisdom but so much damn determination. I had not a single ounce of self-confidence to speak of turning up to this half (which at the time was a MASSIVE trek as I was living in Tottenham at the time). I found the whole experience really tough, mentally, and came away with a time of  2:12 which is somehow engraved in my mind.  I feel so proud of the old me when I look at this photo. The triumph in my radiant lil cheeks.

first half.jpg

MARCH 2016 – I used this run as part of my “first ever marathon” training, and actually ran 4 miles just to get to the start line. The plan was to run 4 miles home again to make it a 21-miler but the hills and the emotional exhaustion got the better of me and I left it at 17. This was the race I met running friend Anthony at (who I still have the pleasure of catching up with time to time!) whilst freezing my chunky plodders off at the start line. We had a good laugh about the ridiculousness of my choice of attire since the weather did not reflect “short and vest” conditions and to be honest I looked a bit of a twat. And that, my friends, is all I remember of that race!

17 marathon training miles complete!

OCTOBER 2017 – I completed the Wimbledon Common Half again last October with beaut best friend and occasional running buddy Meghan. Meghan did incredibly well, ran super strong after putting in hours of solid strength and running training (#warrior) whilst my legs kinda just, well, fell apart. My breathing became a bit of an issue at this race. I was still experiencing high levels of anxiety in my day-to-day life (this was the month I created Run Talk Run actually) and in hindsight feel like my head wasn’t in the right place to take me around a half comfortably.

smiles can be so deceiving! I was so cross with myself/my breathing

JUNE 2018 – This one felt hot and hard! I turned up to Wimbledon Common Half in good time, with nerves in check and managed to maintain a pretty steady pace throughout. I came away with 2:05 (17 mins slower than my PB….. buuuuut 2 mins faster than my course PB).

The Course

The RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half is quite possibly one of the most picturesque halfs that I’ve completed to date.

As you approach the event registration you’re thinking “aw this is so low-key and cute and tucked away”… and then you realise just how many people are actually there as you get a little closer and the music and excited vibes are easy to catch onto.

They tend to start Wimbledon Common Half at 9.30 so I like to be there 8.45am ish.

So it’s a trail half marathon really, which includes just a short few hundred meters of “grass running” at the very start and very end of the run. This can be ridiculously muddy if it’s been raining.


As I just mentioned, this is a trail run predominantly, and quite a lot is under cover of trees and the pathways underfoot can get quite muddy.

It is a two lapped course. Each lap consisting of:  1.5 mile uphill / 3.5 mile flat / 1.5mile downhill….. Which if you ask me, is the perfect amount of undulation!

The route takes you around the outer edges of Wimbledon Common and through part of the golf course.

The Organisers/Support

If I was to get all “Power” with you guys, I’d say that RunThrough have got their event-running seamlessly ON LOCK.  Their races are well organised, they are held weekly (if not more than once weekly!) so they’ve got their organisation and pre-race thing down to a T!

With this particular race the support kind of only emerges at the halfway point (and the end of course), but it is OH SO WORTHWHILE to do it just for that one burst of cheer. The classic Womble of Wimbledon (life-size hairy thing) is there without fail at every Wimbledon Common Half ready to hug/high five/cheer you onto the next half of the race.

If I’m honest I’ve always found him to be amusing and intimidating in equal measure!

RunThrough do supply Portaloos for this half, as they often do for their races, but at Wimbledon there always seems to be a pretty hefty queue so make sure you get in there early doors.

Bag drop was smooooth, bag collection was even smoother, and the post-run goodies didn’t disappoint either.

  • sparkling ice tea
  • Homemade flapjack – a constant from Run Through
  • Banana
  • Water (obvs)
  • t shirt 🙂


£28 – for a Womble-themed medal, you can’t go wrong with that.


Wimbledon Common Richard Evans Memorial Playing Fields Roehampton Vale London SW15 3PQ

When will they take place again?

The RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half Marathon takes place 4 times a year! So you’re bound to have one coming up, whenever you happen to be reading this blog 😉

Book here

Would I run it again?

I’ve had such a huge variety of experiences with this race that I am definitely going to try and run it at least once yearly. I know what I’m getting with Wimbledon Common Half (which tends to be good for my anxiety knowing what I’m going into). In short – yes, definitely!

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