My Running Journal: Week 9 & 10

I’m going to start compiling these on a fortnightly basis now because that seems to be more manageable time-wise!

Monday 21/05/18
I reallllly couldn’t be bothered to do my 6 miles tonight.

Tuesday 22/05/18

Nor tonight 😀

Wednesday 23/05/18

F#cking finally!!!! I fiiiinally got round to running the 10km that I was supposed to do on Monday. Having said that, it was totally worth waiting for my body to feel ready and “hungry” for the run because that felt strong, and epic AF. I went so hard on the first half that when I reached Brixton after 3 miles I had to pop into Morley’s for a poo – yup, I’d pushed THAT hard. And I really didn’t fancy a Paula incident. I was a little slower in the second 3 miles but that’s likely because it was hilly and I’m never too great if I stop running entirely. Still, 10km just short of 52 mins including avoiding pedestrians!

only a runner would understand..

Thursday 24/05/18

Run Talk Run this eve was highlighted by a spot of fangirling, as author of Run for Your Life (William Pullen) came along to join us! It was a bloody fantastic jog, and though my own pins were tired from the yesterdays 10km, the chatting distractions kept me going!


Saturday 26/05/18

Typical running endeavour with my delightfully ditsy mother! Today’s run was exactly what my soul ordered and I even ended up with a solid ab workout from laughing so hard. We initially set out for a quick 5 off-road miles to The Black Duck pub (one of our faves so I added the link!) in Warbleton. ANYWAY, the run was feeling strong and good so mum said how about we take a different lane home so we increase our miles from 5 up to 6… anyway, somehow (mum style) we ended up with 9.5 miles!! I can’t remember the last time me and mum got lost together. As a child me and mum used to set off for long walks with the intention of getting lost – just for the fun of it – and so this whole experience was very nostalgic and just rather lovely.




Tuesday 29/05/18
I postponed last night’s planned 3 miles to save them for a Run The World this morning! Run The World host a weekly 5km every Tuesday outside The Detox Kitchen in Soho. The weather was close and muggy but the rain held off thankfully! We ended up averaging 9 min/mile for today’s 5km. I was also delighted to be joined by the same 2 faces I got to meet a couple of weeks ago at a RTW Tuesday meet. Feel so damn lucky to meet such epic runners these days. Can’t wait to be back again!

Just look at our happy running faces 🙂

Thursday 31/05/18

Run Talk Runtonight just filled my heart with joy as it always does. We had record numbers (14-woooo!) and I was super pleased that the rain held off!

Sunday 03/06/18

Today’s half felt hot and hard! I turned up to Wimbledon Common Half in good time, with nerves in check and managed to maintain a pretty steady pace throughout. I came away with 2:05 (17 mins slower than my PB….. buuuuut 2 mins faster than my course PB). I’ll pop a lil review on the Half here tomorrow!

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