RunThrough Battersea Park 10k Review

This was my first experience at a Battersea Run Through event, and in fact, my first experience running in Battersea Park full stop!

I ran on Saturday 14th April, in Week 3 of my Amsterdam Marathon Training – you can read more about my experience in a “personal” sense in that blog. It was used as my weekend LSR of 6 miles (yep, it’s a slow build up with this plan!) and it actually suited its purpose very well indeed.

The Course

The RunThrough organisers put on a choice of either 5k or 10k at their Battersea race. Please note that you must select your distance when booking, and not on the day. As always, Run Through ran the event seamlessly and both the runners and spectators seemed to know exactly where they needed to be.

The course is split into 1.5 mile laps. Therefore 2 laps for the 5k race, and 4 laps for the 10k – pretty simple, pretty easy to follow. I don’t think it was possible for anyone to get confused about which direction they were heading.

I was THRILLED to discover that Battersea Park was a perfectly flat course. Brilliant. Would definitely recommend this race for anyone chasing a 5k or 10k PB. The only difficulty you may have is dodging people, but it wasn’t really too congested in comparison to other races.

The race is all on park pathways – easy underfoot – but not for the trail runners amongst us.

In terms of scenery, Battersea Park is actually a very pretty park. It was a lovely morning to be running with the trees in full blossom – perhaps it’ll look a little different come October!

The Organisers/Support

The race is organised by Run Through, and I could not sing their praises loud enough. Their races are well organised, they are held weekly (if not more than once weekly!) so they’ve got their organisation and pre-race thing down to a T!

The loos are just the park loos – I didn’t see any portaloos but that’s not to say that they didn’t supply some extra toilets that I just didn’t see. I didn’t have to queue though, which is always a bonus!

Bag drop was really well structured around the pavilion and bag collection was just as smooth. I wasn’t expecting much post-run being that it wasn’t a half mara, but they still provided…




Battersea Park London SW11 4NJ

When will they take place again?

Run Through host LOADS of 10k distances on their website, but if you’re set on the next Battersea race, it’s coming back on October 20th 2018. You can book here.

Would I run it again?

I definitely wouldn’t say no to a Battersea 10K in the future! Being that the next one is a day before Amsterdam mara I probably won’t make it to the next one… but 2019 I’m coming for ya!

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