Eating Healthy in the Cheapest Way Possible

I am sure many other running/gym bunnies or cycling enthusiasts or swimmers or netballers or hockey players (you catch my drift) will agree that the more committed you are to perfecting your sport, the more committed you become to eating right for your sport.

Often, that will mean upping your greens, your protein, and your carbs to ensure you’re positioning your body in the best frame to serve you for the next performance.

See, when it comes to “eating well”, I would personally like to do this on a budget and save my money for the meals out with friends where I divulge in something a little more tasty (and potentially less good for my gut). What I don’t want, is to spend the majority of my salary on leaves and tomatoes that essentially won’t make memories – you get me?

I have put together a list of the absolute staples in my diet which help me perform well as a runner and also pumping iron in the gym whilst keeping to a pretty tight budget.

(because I’d rather spend my money on new Nikes, basically).


Holy moly, you will not find a more filling substance than oats for breakfast. They pack a punch when it comes to providing energy for the morning, and you can grab a bag that lasts for a week for under £1.

EXTRA HINT.. I add protein powder to my oats too. If you buy a large my protein bag which lasts forever, the 1 scoops work out around 50p a portion. Extra sweetness, extra #gainz!

zmorning rituals…



Listen, you could buy an egg & spinach protein pot in Pret for £1.50 (2 eggs) OR you could buy 6 eggs for 80p in Sains and boil them yourself. Seriously, 5 minutes out of your day to boil some eggs… saving you roughly £3. Doesn’t sound like much but these things add up.



Ok, I get it – we ALL like convenience. Protein bars and natural ingredient bars (e.g. Naked) are SO handy when we’re on the go and need a protein/carb fix. Hitting up Amazon to get my favourite bars in bulk (well, 18-packs) has saved me half the amount of money I was spending buying them ad-hoc.


This might be a little #bro for some of you readers, but tinned tuna has been a brilliant discovery for me! 30g protein for just £1.50 really does help you reach your protein macro for the day.



Of course I would adore to buy my meat fresh, but for the sake of saving some money, I’ve got into the habit of buying the larger packs of frozen chicken breasts. No difference in quality of meat, still just the same old chicken breasts you’d get if buying fresh on the day but saves so much money!


Loose vegetables are always gonna be cheaper than the pre-packed, pre-prepared vegetables. I make sure I pick up at least a few every trip to the supermarket and they tend to last a good few meals.

If anyone has another other tips for cheap ways to eat well on a tight budget then do feel free to comment!

2 thoughts on “Eating Healthy in the Cheapest Way Possible

  1. I like to eat well and tasty always and prepare good meals for me and my husband…
    so my budget is around £50 a week with everything from food to cleaning products. Some weeks a little more, some a little less…
    O think when you cut down on snaks, drinks… the non Helthy food basically you save a lot with supermarkets. And sometimes I buy from local shops as well, fruits and stuff.



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