Vicki Witucki | Define Your Silver Lining and Conquer Negativity

In a world of vulnerability, we are our harshest critic.  There is always something we would like to change and are never satisfied with what we already have.  While there is nothing wrong with craving improvement, always feeling sorry for what you are “missing”, is a direct gateway to a resistant mindset.

It is impossible to avoid negativity. What’s interesting is not the fact that it is unavoidable, but that it’s so much easier to be negative than it is to be positive.

I can bet more than half of you can come up with 10 things that you’re unhappy about, faster than you could positive.

It’s unfortunate.

A negative mind, in its purest form, is a pest that steadily builds.  The more you feed it low vibes and negativity, the more it will linger.  So the question is, what do you do to prevent that negativity from sticking?

You must define YOUR silver lining.DSC00858.jpg

Your silver lining is your very own suit of armor.  It is the bullet proof vest that fights the poison before it sets in.  Everyone has their own formula for their silver lining.  We all handle things differently, not one person is the same. It’s the belief and the practice that makes the actual difference.

Every misfortune, momentof failure, or disheartening event, will ALWAYS have a silver lining.  You have to truly believe the goods in life to change your mindset immediately.

I was significantly hit with a spiraling negative mindset for almost 2 consecutive years.  It was constant, it was debilitating, and it felt hopeless.  For months I “wanted” to fight the negative thoughts, but I never truly believed the good in my life could out-weigh the temporary misfortune.  It wasn’t until I took action and forced my mind to find my silver lining when direct transition began to happen.

The strategies I adopted helped in the immediate moment and have now been my secret weapon every time I am struck with a negative thought.  I wanted to share these with you, in the hopes you will find your silver lining, and discover what works for you.

3 Ways to Find YOUR Silver Lining and Conquer Negativity

1.)    Smile

The power of your smile is unbelievably underrated.  I would say this is my most powerful trick for feeling relief immediately. Smiling is a pleasant gesture used to express joy.  When you smile in a moment of grief, your mind is instantly triggered to believe you feel good. Negative times call for strategic measures.  Smiling might just be your silver lining.

2.)    Gratitude

The oldest trick in the handbook.  Gratitude is soul food.  It is the simplest addition to your life that makes for a massive transition in your day.  Just like your silver lining, no matter what, there is always something to be grateful for. Your eyes, your hands, your ability to wake up every day, all things we unconsciously take for granted. If you feel the negativity set in, stop, take a step back and list 3 things in that moment you are grateful for.  Just simply listing the goods in your life will shift your mindset in that immediate moment.  Don’t forget, suffering is a choice.

3.)    Talk Yourself Up

Positive self-talk is one of my favorite ways to conquer a bad day.  On the days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I talk myself up like nobody’s business.  Repeating daily affirmations and actually speaking positively out loud, forces me to believe nothing but those good vibes.   I know it sounds a little wacky, but there’s proof in the mindset transition.  Tell yourself these 3 things:DSC00884.jpg

–         Today is a beautiful day.

–          I am happy, content, and filled with love.  I am doing the best I can.

–          I will not worry about what I cannot control.  I am proud of who I am.

If you would like to read more about my personal struggles with mental health and strategies I learned to overcome obstacles in my life, join me on my blog, Like Evergreen or find me on Instagram for some insight!

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