My Running Journal: Week 7 & 8

Haaaaa so I missed a week. Genuinely just forgot to post the draft that I’d written..oops! Did you miss me? Probably not. Anyway here’s a recap of the last 2 weeks running. Grab a twix and enjoy.

Monday 07/05/18

One word for this run… HOT. Bank holiday Mondays were made for running… but not in this heat! I got my 4 miles done though and feel pretty proud and smug about that.


Wednesday 09/05/18

It was still hot this eve but nowhere near as bad as Monday. I had to squeeze it into a very slim 1 hour slot (only a 40 min fartlek but I like a walking warm up and cool down) so I kind of felt like I was clock watching so I could get back to the office on time. I used this fartlek to trial a different route for Run Talk Run tomorrow. The streets of London were busy as hell. This was my first run trialling the Runarchy gear which is just so flipping badass in appearance it put me in the right mindset from the get go 😀 Legs are feeling good right now but feeling some tightness in my inner calf so will get a sports massage tomorrow.

Thursday 10/05/18

This was our first Run Talk Run in our new home, and the first RTR where we’ve avoided South Bank tourists too, haha. Lovely company, lovely run. Bit shorter than usual – about 5-6km ish (I don’t track!).


Sunday 13/05/18

Sooooo I’m a numpty who forgot to book Alexandra Palace 10k…. MY BAD! I should have consequently just covered the mileage on my own but I bailed and went to the gym with G instead. 🙂

Monday 14/05/18

This run was a LOL from start to finish. I had 5 miles @ race pace planned and all day I’d been talking myself out of it. Then come 4.30pm I had a second wind so was SO READY to go when the clock struck 5pm. That second wind, sadly, manifested itself into trapped wind and from mile 2-5 I was in a fair bit of pain actually. It was a bit stop-start and not nearly at race-pace but I covered the distance anyway. Not feeling very good about this run at all to be honest.


Tuesday 15/05/18

This was a bonus run, as I wasn’t meant to be running today lol. I stepped in for the ladies at Run The World who host a weekly 5km every Tuesday outside The Detox Kitchen in Soho. It was a beaut sunny run. I had to run (quickly) 2 miles there and 2 miles back either side of the 5km so ended up with 7 unexpected miles in the running bag… BUT it was so so worth it and made me realise I really ought to make it to Run The World gatherings much more often!


Thursday 17/05/18

It has to be said that Run Talk Run runs are my favourite out of the week, primarily because they are the only run which I don’t track!

Run Talk Run TEAM

Saturday 19/05/18

I’m not gonna lie, this morning the LAST thing I wanted to do was run 13 miles but I’m so glad I dragged my bottom out of bed to meet this crew. Loved the 13 miles of central London running with tunes blasting from a portable speaker. Will definitely be back for the next one! They are @LDNburgerrun on Insta if you fancy joining us next time. Once-monthly long-ish runs followed by a burger (which I sadly missed out on this time as I had to get home and showered).



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