My Running Journal: Week 6

A recap of my running from the previous 7 days (the selfish bit of the blog created purely for my own reflections further down the line!).

Tuesday 01/05/18

My “easy” 3 miler was meant to be done yesterday but no way did I have the energy OR the will to get those miles done in the rain. I had a bit of a breakdown Sunday evening and I think my body and mind was still recovering from that yesterday I think. Anyway, this morning I got the job done. Albeit on a treadmill (not ideal), I got it done. It felt fine, and I feel like I have my energy back today which is nice.

Thursday 03/05/18

Who loves Run Talk Run ?? UM ME! Tonight was another record turnout and oh my goodness what a gorgeous bunch of runners they were! I think what I love most about these runs is that I literally could not tell you how fast we went or how long it took… its all about the chats and the overall enjoyment of the run for what it is. Just running. It’s the only run of the week where I don’t track it, or look at any splits afterwards and I love that about it.



Sunday 06/05/18

3 miles “easy” felt more like 3 miles of my legs acting like reluctant toddlers being dragged round a supermarket.

Because this week has been a bit of a running “deload” week, I ended up doing a pretty heavy leg sesh with the boyf yesterday. I don’t think my pins were very appreciative of heavy squats and lunges.


This week has been relatively chilled on the running front, and I am thankful that. All in all, only 11 miles covered in total (!)… and I’m totally ok with that. Next week, the training is ramping up a little bit – culminating in a 10k race so I am very grateful for the restful week in advance of that. Onto the next! BOOM.


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