My Running Journal: Week 5

This has been a bloody GREAT week of running. The best yet!

Monday 23/04/18

Today has been utterly filled with anxiety and discomfort and I think it stems from little alone time over the weekend and shitty night sleep. That being said, instead of joining Wild TR as I was intending, I just took myself on a 3mile plod home and oh my, it sorted my head out a treat!

Wednesday 25/04/18

Today saw me do my first ever tempo run… my first ever intentional tempo at least! I decided to take it to the treadmill since I don’t trust my legs or my self-discipline to push my legs at an uncomfortable pace for 10 minutes straight out in the open. I guess when you’re on a treadmill you have no option but to follow the pace that you enter! I’m just so tired of being a “plodder” that I want to feel a little uncomfortable and eventually push my average pacing up a little. My average pace for “most” runs is 9min/mile and my 10km race pace was 8min/mile. That being said, my tempo run consisted of:

10 minutes at 9min/mile

10 minutes at 7:45min/mile

10 minutes at 9min/mile

Needless to say I was a MESS after! Ended up bumping into a gym friend, Mick, looking rather dishevelled and disorientated – oh, cringe.

Sweaty MESS…

Thursday 26/04/18

Oh the Run Talk Run meets fill me with SO. MUCH. JOY. like I can’t even describe! There were 5 of us this evening, mostly familiar faces but one new face which was SO lovely. I think we got even more open and frank with each other than we have done, like, ever – so that was truly special. The weather stayed dry for us (WOO!) and we very much enjoyed the treat from Chilango at the end (highly recommend them btw, all the yum).




Sunday 29/04/18

Am I strong willed, or am I strong willed. Took my 8-miler to the TREADMILL today. All I can say is that it was dull, it got done, and I will be in ZERO rush to pound a dreadmill anytime soon.


Feel like I’ve been “adapting” all my runs this week, and would definitely rather not have had 2 treadmill runs amongst the mix. BUT, having said that, the resulting feeling is that I “overcame something” and that in itself is something to celebrate.


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