My Running Journal: Week 4

I really can’t quite believe I am already 4 weeks into this training plan. 4 weeks, of which, I have only bailed on one run so far (GO ME!). Though that was a half marathon and I don’t think I should’ve put that pressure on myself in only Week 2 anyway.

Monday 16/04/18

Tonight’s goal was 3 easy miles. I ran the first mile then decided that “easy” for me tonight was just to walk/jog the rest. My legs felt abnormally fatigued, and I just wasn’t “feeling” it. I managed to convince myself that since it was dubbed as an “easy” run anyway I should just let go and enjoy it for what it was. A lovely evening plod.

Wednesday 18/04/18

Much more hardcore than my Monday run. Tonight I decided to use my commute as my 35 minute Fartlek. It only ended up getting me most of the way home, so I ended up walking the remaining 2 miles. I feel like every run commute ends up being a fartlek anyway to be honest – periods of short bursts of running like someones gonna mug you, followed by slowly plodding and avoiding pushchairs and drunk people who’d enjoyed the sun a bit too much that afternoon. It was hot AF and I was glad to get home to my glass of Pimms. Legs felt SO MUCH better than they did on Monday. Shows what listening to my body can do for me. Pat on the back for me. 


Thursday 19/04/18

Last night Run Talk Run was just bloody epic. The weather was so hot – 29degrees – but we had our biggest turnout yet! Running with 8 bottles of coconut water on my back wasn’t the most conducive to a non-sweaty back and I won’t lie, my legs weren’t exactly feeling “fresh”… but it was a run for the SOUL and just so wonderful to see London buzzing and vibrant like that. 7.5km covered dodging people and having a laugh. 


Saturday 21/04/18

This was one of those runs where I reminded myself why I just bloody love running, because, when you find that flow it just all slots into place and it feels like you’re flying and you feel like you may just be the strongest girl in the world. Ok ok I’ll stop there. SO, this was meant to be my LSR for the week at 7 miles 9min/miling. I set off at 7am in the direction of work because I had some stuff to pick up, and despite the hills and the warm temps (already at that time!) I averaged at 8.22min/mile and felt flipping FANTASTIC! Really one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve had in ages, completely niggle free.

After! Sweaty as hell but happy as pie


What a fantastic week of running! Despite the slow start (literally), the weather and my mood and my runs just got better and better throughout the week. Watching the Marathon this sunday has just fuelled that running fire in my belly even more and I am so damn happy that I’m already 4 weeks strong into my Amsterdam plan. I so so so want that PB. Determined gal.

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