My Running Journal: Week 3

I’ve been trying out some “new stuff” this week. A new running club, a new route to run mid-week, and also a 10k race that I’d not run before. Happy reading.

Monday 09/04/18

On today’s schedule was 3 miles of “hills”. I played around with this concept 2 weeks ago in Streatham on Week 1, but that was NOTHING compared to the training tonight. I decided to join Wild Trail Runners – an organised weekly run group who focus on hills and trail running (no shit). I had a really great experience actually, and have ended up writing a little review about them too – you can read that here.

I think had I actually done Wimbledon Common Half yesterday, I might have really struggled, but my legs actually felt like they had some strength and power in them tonight (when I wasn’t treading too carefully on slippy mud that was). It felt good, it felt strong. Even the rain didn’t dampen the experience – LOVE those kinda runs!

Wednesday 11/04/18

Berating myself over my lack of patience to just bloody well PACE myself. Tonight was meant to be 3 miles at race pace. My average pace ended up being a minute quicker than it was supposed to be. Better than running “slower” than anticipated I guess, but still, I must must practise! I had LOADS of energy before starting this run, and I think that may be because I’m not eating quite as much shit this week. I’m also noticing that I’ve not had much of an appetite post-run this week… strange, very strange.

I has a big, sweaty, forehead. Nice.

Thursday 12/04/18

I’d spent most of Thursday feeling grumpy andĀ  tired AF, so Run Talk Run was the perfect drug of choice! There were 5 of us tonight – 2 new faces, and 2 familiar. Was so so good to have a laidback jog and chat. All of us there for our own reasons. All of us taking what we needed from that space. 7.5km covered feeling the most relaxed I’d felt all day.

No, it’s not really JT šŸ˜‰

Saturday 14/04/18

It felt SO good to wake up to sun this morning for Battersea 10k after a week of dull grey and rain. It makes the journey to the start line so much more inspiring and exciting and just less…wet!! The race itself was FLAT (which felt amazing after the hills I’ve taken on this week) and I came away with a time of 51:55 which is roughly 3 mins slower than my PB, but still faster than theĀ 9 min/miling I was aiming to do. This run was meant to be taken as my LSR but, frustratingly it didn’t really feel particularly slow OR particularly fast. Just a somewhat “kinda uncomfortable but not totally pushing it” speed in the middle. Which is a strange place to put yourself but maybe that would be a good half mara pace. Or maybe I’m overthinking it entirely and should just be happy with a 52 min 10k. Either way, I absolutely loved this Run Through Race – e v e r y o n e was in good spirits and it was just a generally lovely experience. I’ll do a review on Battersea 10k in more deets at some point in the next few weeks.



After! Veiny forehead alert!



I can categorically say that this week’s running (and mood, actually) has been a BIG improvement on last week. Lessons learned: pace YOself &Ā don’t be so bloody anxious before RTR because it always turns out fine.

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