My Running Journal: Week 2

Hello you wonderful person that is caring to read about my running. I appreciate that.

Monday 02/04/18

I woke up pretty exhausted and didn’t fancy doing this 3 mile “easy run” outside so I decided to plonk it on the end of my gym session. Christ, the dreadmill is so damn boring, isn’t it!? Definitely don’t want to be making a habit of treadmill running, it definitely doesn’t do as much good for my noggin as it does to run outside. Also I was a little bit naughty and ended up switching up the speed between sprints and slow jogging (not the paced easy run it was meant to be) as a result of getting so bored on there. Hey ho.

Thursday 05/04/18

YAY so that was the biggest Run Talk Run we’ve had to date! There were 6 of us – only 5 pictured – and it was SO lovely to jog along and have a really good chinwag with some familiar running faces and also some new ones too. RTR ambles are definitely the most joyous runs of my week.

RTR 0504
#RUNNINGATSTIGMA and making friends for life


Sunday 08/04/18

After an emotionally exhausting morning, followed by the car refusing to start (dead battery!) I decided to give Wimbledon Half Common a miss. I am feeling more compassion for myself than I have done in a long time regarding a DNS. I had my reasons, and they were valid.


Mixed feelings about this weeks running. If I’m honest, there has barely been any running at all. Just the 3 miles Monday and RTR Thursday. I am looking forward to giving Week 3 more of my energy and dedication, AND I don’t have any halfs booked now until June (Yay!).

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