My Running Journal: Week 1

Bonjour, Ciao, Welcome. This is the somewhat “selfish” area of the blog which I’d like to use simply to keep a record of my runs, and more importantly (!) how I’m feeling about running. Because I’m deep like that.

Perhaps it’ll be of interest to you, perhaps not. I know for certain though, that I am very much looking forward to having a place that I can return to, to relive some of my running memories – the good and the bad.

Just for a little bit of context…. As of Monday 26th March 2018, I am starting a new 30-week training plan to prepare myself for a (hopefully) faster marathon in Amsterdam this October. I have always intended on following marathon training plans in the past, but this is the most committed I have ever felt towards a solid structure of running.

Well. Here goes I guess. Hope you like it!

Monday 26/03/18

3 miles of “hills”, which I think is to indicate we should run up/jog down the same hill for 3 miles worth… but SOD that, how dull. #Streatham is undulating AF so I just ran up/jogged down my way around the local area without turning back on myself. I was so excited to be running a) in daylight b) in SUN  and the general vibe was just so good. Legs felt a little heavy on the way up, but I think that’s to be expected. It also indicated that my hills were tough enough. Super stoked to have my running mojo back.

sunny skies!

Thursday 29/03/18

So, in my marathon training plan, Thursday eve Run Talk Runs are entered as a 7.5km “recovery run”. I did this on the basis that there will be a wide variety of runners attending and that I am unlikely to be going at race pace or faster. This week, however, on my very first bloody week of mara training I was proven wrong. The only runner to attend this week was Tom Haswell… my newfound running buddy and very loyal Run Talk Run attendee, who is aiming for a sub 3.30 marathon, and who is a much much stronger runner than I to say the very least! It was a lot faster than I expected and because we had tonnes to catch up on, it was a struggle to keep the breathing even. Don’t get me wrong I bloody loved our run and chat but it was a lot harder than I was anticipating.

looking grim, having fun!

Friday 30/03/18

Okaaaaaay well that was bloody hard work at Victoria Park Half today. I started the race in good spirits, was looooving the fact that the sun had shined on my journey to the park.

V Park Mar
Oh look, an empty bus. I must selfie…

But, essentially, a mental note….. don’t do 13 miles in week 1 of marathon training! I was consistent with 8.45min/mile until mile 9 where I blew. Had to slow for a walk/jog approach for the remaining 4 miles, picking up some friends along the way talking all things running and injury, then jogging a little to find a new friend to talk to for a while! Despite the rain I adore the fun vibes that Run Through put on for their runners – that drummer by the pavilion bit of the park YAAAASSS so cheery, loved it! And this sign was exaaaactly what I needed to see when I finished!

If you’d like to read my full review of Victoria Park Half Marathon – the course, price, and where you can book this race yourself you can read about it here. This isn’t the first time I’ve run Victoria Park Half Marathon so I want to give it a fair review, because the run itself is fantastic… you just gotta make sure you train for it!


BOOM, so week 1 is completed. How do I feel? Proud I guess. If I can commit to the first week of a marathon training plan.. the rest should be a breeze. Right? Right???

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