Guest Post: The Same But Different (Trevor Rawson)

Guest blogger Trevor Rawson is a self-employed Health Coach enjoying life in Norfolk.  He has lots of bits of paper, awards and accolades.  More importantly he uses his broad range of experience to support people towards improving their mental and physical health by activity and nutrition.  Having used his own methodology to overcome General Anxiety Disorder and Depression he is pleased to share his unique story. 

There is a nearly 57 year old man post parkrun writing his first ever blog whilst bouncing on a Swiss Ball singing “Special Brew” to my wife’s mongrel dog called Teddy.  That’s me, same as you; human but more than likely different.

First big statement alert – I can honestly say this is the longest sustained period of happiness I’ve ever experienced in all those years.  That’s the last 3-months in real terms up to and including now.  Even more remarkable is that it happened in the face of my tangible dread of winter.  So how did I manage this monumental achievement?

Two years ago my second wife of 13-years informed me we are separating with no hope of reconciliation.  The reason was exactly the same as my first wife; too difficult to live with.  The nice home we built together was sold and possessions split amicably without fuss.  From the proceeds the reality was I could no longer afford to live that close to London.

There were many good reasons to tough it out; my three adult children lived nearby, Event Director of Thurrock parkrun, I was respected by the community as a small business owner, almost everyone I associated with including clients lived there plus I knew the area inside out having run every footpath and cycled every road.

Irrational perhaps irresponsible decision made. In March 2017 off I went to Norfolk where one of my two friends lives.  No it was not stalking but he has been happy here with his wife and family for 18-years, I could afford a little home so why not?

Ended up in a village 2-miles from the East coast near Great Yarmouth.  Isolated, no work, skint and in an area that I had only been to on holiday a couple of times plus occasional flying visits to see my friend.  From a 16-hour day workaholic to loads of time to spare I was numb and perhaps in disbelief so did a few online tests.  ‘Your result indicates you may be suffering with’ Anxiety Disorder and Depression. ‘Your score indicates significant traits of’ OCD and Autism.  Idle hands and all that.

My specialism is being a self-motivated Health Coach inspiring people to positive lifestyle change looking after mental and physical health as their top priority.  The methods I use work.  Tried and tested on myself over many years, making mistakes and the occasional monumental blunder along the way.  Time to heal me again.

Second big statement alert – Got myself a free cycle-path map and off I went running every day.  My first steps to what I consider to be true happiness.

Next time I will begin to write my complex pathway to those big statements and my acceptance that I am the same but different.  Until then I leave you with the wisdom of Dr Seuss “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”




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