What is Self-Efficacy and How Can We Improve It

Self-efficacy: your belief that you’ll be able to accomplish a specific task.

Your self-efficacy can predict:

  • How motivated you are to start something new
  • The degree of effort that you’ll put into accomplishing a task
  • Your persistence when things start to go wrong
  • Whether you succeed at completing the task

In life, we are presented with task, upon task, upon task, upon task. What is demanded of us, is, quite frankly, overwhelming at times.  We are expected to be a good parent, a good son, a good sister, a good friend, a good employee, a good partner, a good citizen, a good runner, a good… I don’t know, chess player (maybe that’s your jam!).

We are a different person for different people. That’s just life.

The self-efficacy redundancy occurs when things start to go wrong. Or we perceive them to go wrong, at least. Our self-efficacy (belief in our capabilities to perform all of the roles and tasks demanded of us) is knocked down every time things don’t quite go to plan. When our self-efficacy is decreased to a dangerously low level, we put ourselves at risk of burnout and further mental health difficulties.

If you’d like some pointers on how you can improve your self-efficacy, please read on.

 In the face of adversity, remember your past successes. You’ll likely find that whatever task you’re working on now, you’ve encountered similar in the past. Remember the time you found something this difficult and you came out on top in the end regardless.

Remind yourself often that setbacks are to be expected. Everyone has them. The setback is not a reflection of your ability to see the task through to completion.

Make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable. They ought to have some element of challenge, but not be so out of reach that you are doomed to failure.

Take note of every small success. The more we reward ourselves for the things that go right, the more our self-efficacy is built to be strong enough when things start to go wrong.

Observe your role models and take note. When we see that our friends, acquaintances, or even celebrities and sports personalities have achieved what we want to achieve it proves to us that it can be done. This develops a belief of “If they can, I can”.

Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, and believe in the goals that you set. Your circle of friends should enhance your potential, not pull you back or make you think it’s “impossible”.

I am a firm believer that we are capable of whatever we want in life, it all starts with the belief that WE CAN.

2 thoughts on “What is Self-Efficacy and How Can We Improve It

  1. The last idea/tip is possibly the hardest I have found. Finding people who believe in you. There will always be doubters or naysayers – even some of the people who profess to care the most about you. Maybe it’s jealousy, rejection, or something else, but I think it is partly in our nature to not be super supportive of our loved ones achieving great success, or at least more success than ourselves. I have found this to be true A LOT. Great tips though.


    1. Thank you for the comment! I agree with you entirely, the last point probably IS the hardest to find – but that’s not to say its impossible. Those who truly love us will be in our corner wanting the best for us. The hard part is finding those people. Thank you for your thoughts x

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