5 ways to start loving yourself fiercely

In a world that is entirely unpredictable, it is up to us to make sure that we look after, love, and respect our number one – ourselves.
These will be different for every person but a good one to get you started is simply to tell yourself, every day “I am enough”. Regardless of mistakes made, perceived flaws, you are enough. Even when you are in pieces, you are whole and you are enough. When you feel empty, you are enough. By repeating the phrase over and over again, you are reassuring yourself that however you are viewing your current circumstances, underneath it all, you are still enough.
This has nothing to do with having a restrictive diet to achieve aesthetics that will supposedly increase your confidence. No. Nourishing and respecting your body has more to do with ensuring your body is fuelled correctly with all of the correct amount of macro and micro nutrients to be able to keep your bones, organs, muscles and MIND healthy. Drink enough water, eat enough greens. Not to lose weight, but to give your body everything it needs. Loving yourself includes loving your gut.
An important dimension to loving yourself is accepting where you are right now (reflection) in order to identify where there is room to grow and develop. Anyone who is reading this post has access to the educational tools that we can all be using to develop ourselves. Treasure every opportunity that is presented to you to learn and grow… say yes to learning!

Every day we have a choice. A choice to act with intention with our passions and goals at the forefront of our mind, or the choice to coast along at the whims of those around us. When we remind ourselves of what it is we want out of life, both short term and long term, we are honouring what truly matters to us, our passions, and our goals.
I would say that 99% of us act with our best intentions at heart. Therefore, if and when you DO muck up, you must forgive yourself in the knowledge that you were doing exactly what you thought was the “right thing” in that moment. If we are focusing and ruminating on past mistakes, we are not allowing ourselves the opportunity to rectify things and move forwards in a positive light.
I hope that some of these tips have given you food for thought about how you might best go about loving yourself a little more dearly throughout 2018.

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